Increasing the book sales by selling a SB set to a returning customer

I recently received this email from a pious lady.

“Namaste Ji, this is Sujatha Amarnath. We met at Atlanta’s Global Mall. I was on my way from Charlotte to Texas for my daughter’s wedding and stopped at the mall for refreshments. You helped me buy The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami. I am down to the last few pages of the book. I completely enjoyed reading it. The writing style was so friendly, which made it even more enjoyable. It felt like I was traveling with him, in spirit, on his journey. And what a journey it is! Thank you for helping me pick this book. I am sure I will be reading it many more times by Sri Krishna’s grace. Very grateful to have met you . . . and Radhanath swami through you and his book. Namaste! SRI KRISHNA saranam.”

Because she is very inspired by “The Journey Home” and she already has a Gita, I told her about the Srimad Bhagavatam cantos. And she gladly agreed to buy the set and start reading.

Your servant,
Shastra-krit Dasa

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