If you’re short of time do a power hour or just ten minutes

Bhagavad Gita

During the community sankirtan festival in March in NZ, Krishnaloka and I were both unable to go out because of some unfinished projects.

However, Caitanya Vihar's class in the morning was very inspiring. He stressed that we shouldn't be unmotivated to distribute books just because we might not be able to do many hours in one day. A power hour, or even thirty minutes is beneficial. Or perhaps just ten minutes, if you're really time poor!

He suggested that having a book on us at all times means that when walking from place to place, we will always have the opportunity to distribute a book, even if we can only try to stop one or two people.

So with his words ringing in our heads, Krishnaloka took a Gita and ​Hiding in unnatural Happiness​ for herself and handed me a ​Hiding in unnatural Happiness​. As we stepped outside to walk to the Bhakti Lounge for lunch, we changed our focus from solely getting to our destination to distributing books on the way.

I tried to stop a group of girls, who giggled at me as they meandered past. A young man trailing behind the group was greeted by Krishnaloka's wave and smile, and a few minutes later he caught up with the girls holding a ​Hiding in unnatural Happiness​.

After trying to stop an older gentleman, I then turned to stop two middle-aged ladies, who enthusiastically took a ​Hiding in unnatural Happiness​. They would have taken two, had I had another.

So simply by having books in hand, and stopping less than a handful of people on our way to lunch, we distributed two books.

Books can be distributed at any time and place, we just have to have the consciousness and intention to try.

Your servant,
Lavanya Keli Devi Dasi

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