Hell Froze Over : It’s Called Canada

Hare Krishna Mahamantra

It was sunny, but windy and cold, below freezing. And people were reluctant to stop. I collected a large number of rejections fairly quickly, and the mind was telling me to pack it up.

“You’ve touched the pavement, you’ve collected rejections, so fine, done, let’s go now,” the mind said.

But I said, “OK, let’s wait till we get one person who doesn’t reject then.”

Pete looked at me as he crossed the street, but the rascal mind wrote him off!

In fact, while Pete patiently waited for his bus, I continued to approach others. Finally, when there was no one else left, I approached him.

Turns out, Pete arrived in Canada three years ago, via Saudi Arabia, from the Phillipines.

He works hard, studying to be a plumber by day, working evenings and weekends to support his family. He talked about how it was hard in the Middle East, to work hard and be without his family. He is happy that Canada allowed him to bring his family along.

He honestly said, “I eat on the go and get to sleep on buses and trains. How can I attend meditation programs?”

But when he saw the books, he said, “I love to read actually, so instead of sleeping, I will read these books.”

He enthusiastically chanted the mahamantra and took the books home. He promised to join the Ultimate Self Realization Course online at www.backtohome.com.

I couldn’t get his contact details, because his bus arrived and he jumped in.

Then I met Atul, from Gujarat. Krishna is clearly in his blood. All I had to say to him was, “I am from the Hare Krishna temple, sharing about Krishna,” and he was all ears.

He hasn’t given any time to Krishna since he got to Canada, or even before in India. But like Srila Prabhupada said about Indians, you scratch the surface, and they are devotees underneath.

Atul was there right away, chanting Hare Krishna and taking home a book.

Again, the bus arrived too soon and I had to part ways with him before I got any contact details.

Your servant,
Mahabhagavat Dasa

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