He got a book then became a book distributor

We set up a book table at a local college that we usually go to, only to find that a permit was required on that particular day.

Thankfully, as we were setting up, a nice boy from the booth across kindly offered us his permit, since he was leaving. We gave him a couple books in exchange for his kindness.

He told us that he had been searching online how to become a monk, and he gladly took the books.

Then he called us yesterday, saying that he wants to come read the books with the devotees, because that's what the Gita recommends. So we invited him last night for Romapada Swami's talk.

And today he went with us on book distribution. He brought his sister with him as well. So many Indians were surprised to see African Americans helping us distribute Gitas.

My guru says, “Distributing books is only half the service. Helping people understand the books and engaging them in service is the other half.”

Your servant,
Sastrakrit Dasa

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