Good Friday Magic

Good Friday Magic

Today I went to Newtown, Wellington, to distribute books.

As soon as I arrived I noticed that most shops were closed and the streets were quiet. I had forgotten that it was Good Friday! After a few exchanges on the street, I decided to go door to door. I knocked at the first door and waited to see who Krishna would arrange for us to meet.

A moment later I met James and Emily, a nice young kiwi couple. They had actually just sold the house and were about to move to the south island. As I showed them Bhagavad Gita, their jaws dropped open. They had been looking for a copy and were overjoyed that the book had come to them!

Emily attends yoga classes regularly on Sundays at Bhakti Lounge and glorified Muni Cari Prabhu, one of our legendary yoga teachers. Since attending Prabhu’s classes (she told me he is the best teacher in the world!) she had developed the desire to read the Gita. She had even stopped book distributors herself but just couldn’t get her hands on a copy; apparently the devotees would have always ‘just distributed their last book’! Overjoyed with this unexpected transcendental delivery she pulled out a nice donation and took a copy of ‘Hiding in Unnatural Happiness’ as well.

The rest of the street also turned out to be very exciting, with many more books going out. Particularly noteworthy was an exchange with a Samoan family.

The father was busy cooking up a BBQ in the front garden, despite the rain and wind! Determined to enjoy and ‘facilitate his family’ he laboured to cook under an umbrella! I really didn’t want to speak to him, but in an effort to conquer the mind and develop equal vision, I did my duty and approached. Although he was unimpressed with my pitch, his son appreciated the cause and ran inside to retrieve a donation for an Enough! magazine, despite parental disapproval.

By the mercy of Krishna, today was not just ‘Good Friday’; it was “Ecstatic Friday!”

All glories to Guru and Gauranga!

Seeking your blessings to continue,

Your servant,
Caitanya Vihara das

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