Getting and giving the mercy

While I was visiting Bali, Samudra Sena Prabhu, the temple president, told me of a nice experience he had while distributing books during the marathon. He approached a man and offered him the Bhagavad-gita.

The man looked at the cover and asked, “Why does it say, As It Is?”

Samudra Sena explained that a proper explanation of Bhagavad Gita has to be pure and in d’sisciplic succession, like Swami Prabhupada’s.

The man looked through it and was impressed. He said, “I’ll take fifty of them.”

Samudra was shocked. He had to go to the temple to get more books.

The man got the books, and Samudra got his phone number to keep in touch. He called him a few weeks later.

The man said, “I like the Gita so much. Send me fifty more. I have a lot of staff and friends who I want to give the book to as a present.”

The man is pious and a big businessman. He both got the mercy and gave out the mercy.

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