Gauranga’s Nectar Network

I popped out of the Mantra Lounge to distribute books in the center of Hamilton. On my way, I pulled a Gita, two “Hiding In Unnatural Happiness,” and an Enough magazine from my backpack.

Soon I stopped a father and son. The father was walking barefoot. So I used a standard line: "Are those the new air Nikes?"

The response was favorable, and shortly both he and his son were holding books.

He was covered in tattoos and is a tattooist by trade. Flicking through the pictures of the Gita, his interest peaked. He explained that years ago he visited our old center, called Krishna House. He was a fruitarian and looked healthy and bright faced.

I explained we get a donation for the books. "Will you take them?"

He agreed and pulled $40 from his wallet. Both father & son walked away with the books and magazine.

Jaya Nitai-Gauranga!

Your servant,
Damodara Krsna Dasa

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