From maha apple to maha books

I was in Rotarua (New Zealand) desiring to hit a certain goal of Krishna books, I had two sets left and was walking through the mall pondering whether or not Krishna would allow me to do them before the day was up.

Then I saw emerging from the crowd of Black Friday shoppers an Indian man working for Bidvest, he had Tulsi wrapped around his neck and was pushing a delivery trolly.

I stopped him and he said loudly “Hey you, you gave me that apple at ISKCON Mandir.”

Trying to think back in time I remembered about 10 months ago one of the Pujaris had handed me a Maha apple off the alter one night after Guara Arti. As I left the temple I handed it to this Indian man who was on his way into the temple. I just told him “Maha Prasad” and that was it.

I didn’t think much of that exchange but he was so touched by the simple gift of a Maha apple that when he saw me he was very excited and wanted to know what I was doing.

I pulled out a Krsna book set and then his work mate turned up and asked if he could have one too.

After a couple of atm transactions they told me “selfie prabhu, selfie”.
I ran back to the van to get more Krishna books, I was thinking how obvious it was that some how Krishna had heard my desire to distribute these two sets and then made this perfect arrangement almost instantaneously.
Attached is the selfie.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, the devotees and the Sankirtan Yajna!

Ys Aravinda Nabha das

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