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Some of the seniors at Stellenbosch University mentioned that the Hare Krishna film was to be shown at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town, about an hour from where I stay and where the Stellenbosch preaching centre is located (SPYS – Spirituality Philosophy and Yoga Society).

We were really excited and invited many of our members to join us. The night was ecstatic and worthwhile, but I had a desire to show the film to those who were unable to make the journey.

A year later Srila Prabhupada fulfilled my desire. I hired a cinema located in the core of Stellenbosch University. Up went posters, out went flyers, and the buzz grew. Students and members of our SPYS society helped spread the word. The attendance was above average and the impact phenomenal.

One girl, Faith, who’d joined only one harinama six months before, approached me in tears, relating that she was sobbing throughout the whole movie. She begged me for some of Srila Prabhupada’s books. I took her to the book stand I had set up, and she bought a Bhagavad-gita.

Another member, Zan, has been part of our society for over a year. He regularly attended specific programs, but wasn’t fully practicing. He remarked to me, “Why don’t you show this film to people earlier on in their devotional life?” It truly struck his soul, and he grew a deeper appreciation for our movement and Srila Prabhupada. Thereafter he attended almost all our programs.

I’ve watched the film over ten times, and each time my appreciation for Prabhupada and my enthusiasm for his preaching mission grows. It leaves me feeling empowered and thinking that Prabhupada will help me do something worthwhile for Krishna. On other occasions my faith in Krishna deepens and I feel connected to something greater than myself. The way Prabhupada is portrayed elicits deep emotions in my heart, and I feel his personal presence. I’m deeply grateful to Yadubara and Visakha for deepening my relationship with Srila Prabhupada.

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