Farsi book goes out effortlessly in Perth

We were having our weekly Perth harinama. An onlooker was video-recording this on his phone, so I approached him and showed him some books. He looked and said, “I am a Muslim. I do not believe in all this.”

I enquired, “What language do you speak?”

His reply: “Farsi.”

I reached in my bag and brought out a Farsi “Perfection of Yoga.” He looked at it and said, “Oh, you have a Farsi book!”

Without my having to say anything else, he changed his mind, accepted the book, and gave a donation.

Let us pray for this soul who received Srila Prabhupada’s mercy!

All glories to harinaam! All glories to the devotees who translate books in so many languages! All glories to the BBT Middle East and Far East for producing books that help us reach audiences which are otherwise most difficult to persuade.

Your aspiring servant,
Bhaktin Soumya

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