Experiencing Krishna’s magic

Experiencing Krishna's magic

Experiencing Krishna's magic

Experiencing Krishna's magic

Experiencing Krishna's magic


Recently, I got the opportunity to visit Baltimore, Maryland, to attend the 2017 American College and Research Library Conference. This event is attended by thousands of North American college librarians looking for new books. I traveled from Los Angeles with Sura Dasa, a veteran in book distribution. Together we experienced quite a treat.

The first day started out very slow, with hardly anyone taking a book. I became restless and went for a walk outside. While chanting japa, suddenly I heard a big “Haribol!” from a person I've never met. He knows about Krishna consciousness and was going to get back into the philosophy and practice. He's a librarian at Berkeley College in New York. I told him that we have a Bhaktivedanta Book Trust booth inside, and he couldn't believe we were at this event. He said he'd look for us.

I then had a feeling that Krishna was starting to plan something.

Soon a middle-aged librarian lady visited our table, and as I was talking to her, I looked closely at her necklace pendant. It was Lord Krishna playing a flute! I ask her who that is on her necklace.

She said, “This is Lord Krishna. Have you heard of him?”

I said, “Yeah, I know a little something."

She hadn't even heard about ISKCON before, and she was delighted to know there is a whole society dedicated to Lord Krishna's teachings. She said falling in love with Krishna is the best thing ever. I showed her the Srimad Bhagavatam set, and she took it! Then the librarian next to her got interested and also took a Bhagavatam set.

A few minutes later, the man who shouted haribol came back and said he couldn't get us out of his mind. His heart kept telling him to get the Bhagavatam set. He even mentioned that he was having a horrible day until he saw us, and now he was overjoyed and thankful. It was amazing to see him take a full set.

From that moment, Krishna opened the gates for miracles to occur. People began flooding our table to get books, and it was amazing to see Krishna turn on the switch. I had an amazing time experiencing Krishna's magic, and I'm thankful for such a wonderful experience. Over 250 books were distributed. I'm hoping some will begin to appear in the college libraries. Attached are the pictures of these nice people.

Your servant,
Jaya Chaitanya Dasa

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