Everything going wrong was actually going right

We are in peak summer here in Sydney, so not much room to have things go wrong, and everything seemed to go wrong for me on this day – too many to list. I was trying to catch up and saying to myself, "Patience, patience!"

Then, on the street, I see Sunny (a very thoughtful Chinese girl), riding and zooming past on her bike. I showed my palm big and clear asking her to stop. And so she did.

Initially, I didn't recognise her, but after talking a bit, I said "Wait a minute! Aren't you the girl who a week ago I met around your university? I offered you a nice book, but you couldn't accept it"

After a little silence she agreed and said, "On that day, yes, I couldn't because of peer pressure from my friends, and they dragged me away, but I had left the spot very sad, with my heart still so attached to the books."

Then after some more talk, she takes a Bhagavatam and Chinese books, with a handsome donation.

At that point, I had to obviously explain to her how many things went wrong for me to be there at that time at that place. She said, and as we both agreed: "All the events that happened earlier were actually going right, and driving me toward her to get the books and now she can read them to her hearts content."She then took contacts from me to come to our urban Bhakti center.

Her final gratitudes: "I am so glad that someone cares for others, and your society is doing a great job in this regard. Please accept my gratitude."

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