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Book Distribution

We recently heard from Chaitanya Vihara Prabhu about his experience on book distribution in his neighborhood – within just twenty minutes. He's a doctor, but he found time to go out with books, and he had some really nice experiences. He's not a full-time book distributor anymore, but he knows the importance of book distribution, so wants to continue this service when time permits.

Many of you devotees receiving these stories were previously full-time book distributors, but now do other services. Please don't forget and always remember the importance of distributing this knowledge. Try to find some time, even if it's a little time, to go out and give these treasures of bhakti that changes peoples lives in a very positive way, as it changed ours.

Last Sunday night at the feast in Denver, I saw a young man I had never seen before. I talked to him and asked how he ended up at the temple. He had received Chant and be Happy with an invitation to temple. He read it and found it interesting. He had such a nice experience at the temple that he wants to come back and find out more. He's a teacher, who now wants to learn more about what is most important: the soul and the Supreme Soul, Krsna.

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Vijaya Dasa

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