Deep satisfaction

I was distributing books in Kumeu and stopped a cool looking girl, who said "no" straightaway and got into a car near where I was distributing. Shortly afterward a man joined her in the car, and he sat and watched me.

I stopped a man with a few kids, who was in a hurry. He quickly grabbed a “Hiding in Unnatural Happiness” and went into a dentist's office. Then the man watching me got out of the car and talked to me.

He turned out to be a Christian. He just wanted to ask me a question, which he said I should think over. He wanted me to reflect on whether what I was doing really brings deep satisfaction to my soul. I thought it was a good question, especially as it meant I didn't have to engage in a long discussion on the street.

A lady then walked out of the dentist's office, looked around, came over to us, and asked me, "Are you the lady with the books?"

She had seen the man come in with a book.

"I see that book everywhere," the lady said. "My friend had it on her coffee table, and another friend has one. I thought it looked really interesting, but didn't know how to get a copy. Then this man walked into the dentist's office with one, so I asked him, and he said you were out here with them. Can I get one?"

After I explained about a donation, she popped off to the bank to get some cash.

The Christian man, who was bewildered by the exchange, said he would leave me to ponder his question and got into the car with his girl and drove off.

The lady came back with a donation and took her book.

I reflected on the question he'd asked, and felt content and sure that what I was doing really brings a deep satisfaction to my soul.

Your Servant,
Bhava Sandhi Dasi

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