Books bide their time before helping

I am reading sankirtan stories regularly. They are always inspiring. One day I received an email containing a link to “Vijay Prabhu’s Special Class on Book Distribution.” Before going out to distribute books, I listened to the lecture. A great lecture.

I heard this new anecdote about how books are patient and help in time:

On a street in Poznan (Poland), I stopped an elderly person. He said he is a hunter. He was interested in how karma works, what reactions follow killing. He said: “I have some animals on my conscience.” I explained to him how karma works. He looked at the books and said what people often say: “Better give the book to someone else. It will be lying at my home, I do not know when I will read it.”

When I heard that, I smiled, remembering that I had just heard about it in the morning. I told him: “Do not worry, because these books are very patient. There are many descriptions of how it works, and even today I listened to one.”

Because our conversation was friendly, I said that I could tell this story. He agreed. I began: “There was a gentleman who had a wife and a child. At some point his wife started to talk badly at him, and later the child started to do the same.”

When I said this, he understood the feelings of the gentleman, he experiences a similar situation.

I continued: “It went on for quite a long time, so this man broke down. He started to drink, and after some time he had enough. He decided to commit suicide by poisoning himself. But when he sat in his room, he looked at his bookshelf and saw Bhagavad Gita there. He began to read and after a while his mood changed. He decided to read it all. He only ate, slept and read for a few days. After finishing, he was so inspired that he gave the book to his wife and child to read. Ultimately the whole family became devotees.”

When I finished, the hunter said: “But at my home it is different than in this story, because I do not want to commit suicide. I want to kill my wife, but I have not done it yet because I’m afraid of the reaction.” I said, “In that case, take this for your wife. This book will help her.” He took the Teachings of Queen Kunti, gave the donation and added: “As soon as I get home, I will give the book to my wife immediately.”

Your servant,
Raghunatha Dasa

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