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No Need Of Purmission for Bhagavad Gita Book Distribution

Dear Devotees …
Pamho Agtsp.
Srila Book Distribution Marathon ki jai.

This Year 2015 marks 50th anniversary of Srila Prabhupad going to west to preach Krishna consciousness. In the wake of this event , all over the world devotees of ISKCON are putting massive efforts to distribute Srila Prabhupad given divine gifts i.e. his transcendental books .

Here too in Mumbai, all 4 iskcon temples have organised n planned their marathon effort to achieve a 10% increase in the book distribution score.

Following is the effort taken at ISKCON Chowpatty this year.
1) 4 Sankirtan bus parties with brahmacharis are touring out of Mumbai. In Bangalore n its outskirts, the senior member team have camped to distribute books in industrial areas. The other 3 parties consisting of Brahmachari trainees are in Nagpur -Gondia, Nanded and Miraj -kolhapur. If you have contacts in any place call us. This 4 team together have been doing around 1000 books per day so far.
2) Vidya daan scheme of library book distribution in Karnataka has been launched to help distribute Prabhupad books in villages of Karnataka. This has taken a good overall increase with donations still coming.
3)  Yearly much awaited Gita daan mahayajna is scheduled to be held in temple courtyard on 25th Dec. This year temple is putting lot of efforts to make it a big success. You all can invite your friends n relatives for this wonderful way of introducing them to Krishna consciousness. Registration is on but limited. So kindly hurry as just few days remain.
4) Congregation devotees have been inviting their colleagues or relatives to present prabhupad bhagvad gitas as gift memoirs for events like Marriage, birthdays, get together, funeral, new year gifts..etc. 
5) Individually and collectively the entire congregation has ordered lot of books for individual one to one book distribution or for putting up stalls in local market places or temples. Daily  scores are being announced in front of deities. Stalls are spread out from as far as Govardhan eco village to Western line (Vasai , miraroad, malad, borivali, goregaon… etc), central line ( kalyan , Dombivali , diva, ghatkopar, sion, kurla,vikhroli, Parel etc), harbor line ( Chembur, Vashi, kharghar, panvel, Belapur, airoli, Ghansoli..etc). Piling up their small figures, the entire effort is turning out quite a big 500 plus per day.
6) HG Radha Gopinath pr has kindly agreed to visit all the houses who will buy a Srimad bhagavatam set or Chaitanya charitamrita set this marathon. Prabhuji will perform Arati of this Books in their house. Last date for this kind offer is 21st Dec Monday, the day of Gita jayanti .
7) Massive book distribution drive was conducted by all devotees on 7th Dec to offer our gratitude to HH Radhanath maharaj on his appearance day. That day the score was 10 times the daily score. Similar drive will be now held on the most important day of Advent of Bhagavad gita. If you haven't done enough of books, this may be your good chance to encash on the holy day.

Finally ,We thank all devotees for their nice efforts to extend themselves in distributing this trancendental books.

We have been collecting and compiling wonderful experiences n amazing stories of all our devotees. We will be putting them in a book form and presenting it to Prabhupad and HH Radhanath maharaj in January. Later it will be made avail for all to read. HG Baladev p has been visiting and calling all devotees to compile this beautiful book. If you are still not reached by him, pls call him and speak your experience or even others experience ….pls kindly do note down your everyday book distribution experiences  before our kaliyuga memory fades it out . Call and tell your story on +919930141803.

We have now entered the last 10 days of this years blissful marathon. If you haven't opened your book account in this 50th glorious event …kindly call up Book Godown and order your books. Secret of book distribution is very simple i.e – We can't distribute books which we don't have. So first have books in your home in a visible range of area, and you will be inspired to see that books will find their customers. If you took books n yet cudnt do book distribution, book Godown will accept your remainder stock back. So no worry. Try your best but GET THOSE BOOKS.
Have a nice Warm marathon in the cold December month. 
Srila prabhupad ki jai.
Srila Prabhupad book marathon ki jai.

Your servants
Transcendental Book Godown.

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