Book distribution from a table

There's a new trend in book distribution spreading around the world: table book distribution. I've been doing it for twenty-two years, after learning it from Ganapati Swami, who has done it for over forty years. It's catching on worldwide through the enthusiasm of Jaya Caitanya Prabhu (who makes vidoes) and Sastrakrit Prabhu (who is on facebook and posts many photos of people with their new books.)

This year I'm traveling around with a sign that reads YOGA, MEDITATION, AND PHILOSOPHY BOOKS. I'm showing devotees how to do it. We set up a table, put books on it, with the sign either hanging in front of the table or from a pole next to the table. People come to the table, and devotees also walk away from the table and talk to people. That's easy if two devotees are there. Someone should always be at the table, in case someone stops.

We were worried that the police might have some objections in Europe, but the city authorities haven't said anything. Usually the police arrive when there is a complaint, so don't set up in front of someone's store or anywhere a person may be impelled to complain. Attached is a picture of my sign.

Your servant,
Vijaya Dasa

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