At the back door was a preacher like us

It was a nice ending at De Afghanan Kabob House, in Freemont, where we couldn’t enter the front part of the restaurant because the restaurant was still closed.

So we tried the back door, and there we met two ladies who were talking outside. One lady seemed interested in the word yoga. We told her that we’d ccome back when the store opened.

When we returned, I tried to distribute “a saptarishi set.”

The interested lady, Wajma Zorrila, is a Irani Muslim, but she has strong faith in the teachings of yoga and Bhagavad-gita. When we told her that yoga is not just about the body and mind but also the soul, she agreed that yoga
is about our connection to the divine. And when we told we told her about the Krishna book, she was very happy.

She said that actually Christianity is ‘Krishna Niti.’ Then she went further, saying that the Lord is so merciful that even if He gives one troubles, that is His mercy. We were not sure at that point who was preaching to whom.

When we talked about different forms of yoga like karma, jnana, and bhakti, she said that bhakti resonates with her and is what she’s been looking for. She lost her husband, because he felt that she was becoming a Hindu. And she was left with two girls, but still she was grateful.

She is going to Arunachal Pradesh in India to meet a yoga guru this year.

When I invited her to the temple, she was in tears, feeling so happy about going to meet like-minded people.

She readily took the saptarishi set and gave a twenty-dollar donation. She said that she would love to come to the temple and gave us her contact details. Please pray that she comes to the temple and becomes a nice devotee.

your servant,
Mahaprabhu and Ananda Kishore

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