Arabic Gita sold in Atlanta

Arabic Gita

I set up outside Patel Brothers, an Indian grocery store in Atlanta and prominently displayed Arabic Gitas on the book rack.

I had just finished distributing books to an Indian gentleman, and we were chatting. Suddenly in the background I heard someone read aloud in a Middle Eastern accent: "Bha-ga-bad Gee ta."

I looked up and saw a man staring at the Arabic Gita.

I quickly excused myself from the Indian man and started talking to the other man.

“Salam! You can read Arabic? Where are you from?”

He replied in broken English. “Yes, I’m from Afghanistan. I'd like to read this book very much.“

I asked him how he knows about the Gita.

He said, “Come on, everyone knows about this book. Many great poets and philosophers from my country talk about this book. I like very much to read this book. How much I have to pay?”

I said just give some baksheesh (alms,tip,or bribe). He laughed and gave a nice donation.

When I asked him to pose for a picture, he said, “Why not?” and grabbed me to be in the picture, too. The selfie is attached.

Your Humble Servant,
Shastra-krit Dasa

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