Another life saved from distributing books

I was distributing books in Mexico. It was a very difficult day. Everyone was saying no, all day, and I had many books in my bag. It felt heavier as the day went on.

Then I saw a young lady, and I was thinking of not approaching her because I had already received so much rejection. But I thought, “What’s one more rejection?” I approached her and offered her the Bhagavad gita. She didn’t say anything.

Then I started telling her that the book tells about the soul and about God and how to have a loving relationship.

She opened up to me and told me, “I’m from La Paz, Bolivia. I left Bolivia looking for my self, but I had no such luck. So I was just getting ready to kill myself. Now you have come to me with these books that I came searching for. Thank you so much.”

She gave a nice donation and went on her happy way with Krsna.

After this incident I knew that there is nothing I want to do but distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books throughout my life.

Your servant,
Divya Lila Gauranga Dasa

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