An Appeal to Sankirtan Devotees

An appeal to Sankirtan Devotees

Hare Krishna! All glory to Srila Prabhupada!

My dear devotees,

Please kindly accept my humble obeisances. I'd like to thank all of you for the wonderful services you all do for Srila Prabhupada!

I also really wish to thank Vijaya Prabhu for his selfless, dedicated service to the sankirtan mission. His example is encouraging for everybody.

This year is special for all the members of ISKCON. We are making bigger plans to do something special for Srila Prabhupada and our parampara.

Over the last several years, the devotees in Nepal experienced major tests and challenges both spiritually and materially. The culmination of the tests was the devastating earthquake. Nevertheless, all the Vaishnavas in Nepal were UNITED and positive to serve the sankirtan mission.

After the earthquake many Christian organizations are taking advantage of the situation and poverty of the people by constructing schools, hospitals, and water tanks all over Nepal. And the Holy Bible is being distributed widely.

As a result, according to the latest statistics, Nepal has become the leading country in the world in the growth of Christian conversion.

The Christians already persuaded the president of the country and his family to take christianity more seriously than Vedic culture and to remove an import tax on Christian books.

Definitely we can do something to save the only Hindu (Vedic) country in the world (95 % are Hindu and follow the Vedic tradition in one way or another). If we UNITE INTERNATIONALLY – we can PUSH THE PREACHING in Nepal by distributing Srila Prabhupada's books into every nook and corner of this small country. Our Nepaly devotees are working hard to make the books available in our language. We've already translated eighteen new books during the last few years. With the help of the BBT in Mumbai, we are printing more and more books.

A month ago, we published the First Canto for the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF NEPAL.

Now people really want (and NEED) to get it. Srimad Bhagavatam will enable them to see reality in the proper perspective. This is the proper historical time for a spiritual revolution here.

After the earthquake we required big donations to support all the Vaishnavas and the people in general who lost their houses and their relatives. We worked very hard to collect and distribute funds to support them.

At this time things are getting better. But now we really need to push book distribution.

Devotees are fired up, but they need support from all of you. We have ten enthusiastic brahmacharis who want to dedicate themselves to book distribution. If you kindly and jointly support us financially it will be the greatest encouragement and support for the preaching. Many hands do big work.

I wish to thank all of you for your attention and understanding.


Haribol! Vancha Kalpatarubhyas ca kripa sindhubya eva ca patitanam pavanebhyo Vaishnavebhyo namo namah

Your humble servant,
Vaishnava charan dhulia prarthi

Co-Regional Secretary ISKCON Nepal

Patri Dasa

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