Al Furqan

I was walking back to my car after few hours of Stree chanting and books, this was in Burwood Sydney, with couple books still in my hand. I came upon what appeared to be a Chinese restaurant, the owner sitting outside having a smoke. Turned out to be an Islamic Chinese restaurant and the owner belongs to Chinese occupied Kashmir. Looking at my attire and Indian appearance,  he started using some provocative language such as “Azad Kashmir” means “free Kashmir”.

I composed myself and quoted a verse from Koran 25th chapter ‘Al Furqan’ that translated into “only men with forbearance and fortitude are allowed into heaven.” And from Vedic version actually all the land really belongs to God.

At this point he was completely diffused from his provocation. Calmly said to me “what you say is true.” We went into the shop and quietly he brought me a donation and took a book. He wouldn’t obviously allow a picture but I took a picture of his store.

P.S. I have read the Koran as I meet lot of Arabic population in western suburbs while on Sankirtan, and it helps me for a good conversation.

Your servant,
Radhika Prasad das

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