A humble Christian gets the Srimad Bhagavatam

It was a hot day and quite austere to distribute. ISKCON Silicon Valley’s Vijay Damodar and Lila Nandini had a strong desire to distribute a Bhagavatam set.

They finally met a Spanish person in an apartment campus. They started talking and introduced the Spanish Gita. As they continued talking, they understood that the person was very spiritual, having strong faith in God. He was highly receptive to spiritual knowledge and thus the perfect fit for the absolute knowledge of the Bhagavatam. So they introduced him to the set.

It was really too much for a new person to jump to the Bhagavatam without knowledge of the Gita, but it seemed he already had lots of pious credit (sukriti) from his previous life.

One of the rare qualities he has is being a humble listener. He respects knowledge with an open heart even as a Christian. Probably that is the reason why the Bhagavatam had selected his house to enter. The two devotees patiently listened to his thoughts, cleared his Doubts, and slowly introduced the essence of the Bhgavatam. Eventually he was convinced and agreed to accept the set in a six-month installment.

Your aspiring servant,
Subhankar Krishna Dasa

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