A Few short stories by Tulasi Devi Dasi

Prabhupada's books

I tried to speak to one man who quickly said, "No. No time! I said, "No time? What's your job"? "Drug salesman". "Really, what's the biggest selling product"? "Maalox (for ulcers). "No time? You better take time to read this book or you'll gave to take Maalox like everyone else". He then said, "You're right". And quickly took a book and gave a donation.

I was speaking to a simple farmer who didn't want a book but somehow in our conversation it came out that all his friends are dying of cancer, left and right. We were speaking about death and getting more serious about why we're here. He then revealed to me that one real close friend of his had two months to live – cancer in the liver. And he told me that he wouldn't want to be told that he had only two months to live. So I said, "I would! "Then I showed him the inside cover of S.B of Pariksit Maharaj how he only had seven days to live and that it was a blessing, a big warning for us to get serious in our spiritual life and forget everything else. Whew! What a benediction it would be!"

He completely changed, lit up and said, "Yes, your right! And took a book to find out more.

Boy, Baptist. "No, against my beliefs. I'm satisfied with blind faith." I said, "No, we need philosophy. Just like Jimmy Swaggert, he also has blind faith. But he's still on the 10th class spiritual platform with no philosophy. We should progress with philosophy and devotion, if we act on that blind faith, then God becomes pleased and gives us deeper realization, then it is no longer useless blind faith. Then we do more of what the Lord wants and He gives us more realization. So these books are filled with all kinds of knowledge of those progressing through the different stages of spiritual life".

He then said, "That makes sense", and took the highest philosophy of Krsna consciousness in the form of one of Prabhupada's books.

Your Servant,

Tulasi Devi Dasi

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