A family get-away: book distribution

It’s well past Christmas and any annual breaks, and it’s just few weeks until Easter, so there’s not much get away from work-life and little time for any spiritual retreats.

So, we thought, as a family, there has to be some place we can go and boost our spiritual path.

We picked “Ingelburn Alive.” It’s a popular festival in south Sydney.

We set up our stall, and the new banner we came up with attracted some wild crowds. So much so, there was no time for a break, and in a few hours we distributed about 150 books.

The highlight was the media crew filming the festival. They each picked up a handful of books. They were ecstatic to see Srila Prabhupada’s books, with paintings that felt otherworldly to them.

Well, that was definitely an unexpected spiritual boost. We realized that there isn’t anything better to do as a family get-away than help grow more Krishna conscious devotees.

Your Servant,
Radhika Prasad Dasa

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