A deep satisfaction in the heart

I met a hard-working, noble man. I told him that I am a monk and live in a monastery and that I am traveling and studying Vedic wisdom. And he said he likes to read such books. Also, his son is interested in Vedic knowledge and meditation, but somehow the young man ended up in prison. And his friend is also in jail in appalling conditions because of a court decision.

He took the Krishna book with joy, especially when I explained that it is due to the law of karma that someone may be in a difficult situation because of the strong desire to enjoy, and the other will be happy, content with little.

He asked how much the book costs. I explained that this book is worth about fifteen euros in a shop, but we distribute it for a donation and it can be had for ten. He gladly donated and also got an Isopanisad. After talking with him, I felt a deep satisfaction in my heart. It always happens when Krishna distributes Himself in the form of large books.

We went back to the ashram after distributing forty-nine of Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental books (nine of which were Gitas). We held a kirtan, offered the fruit of the yajna to Sri Sri Radha-Govinda, and went out to milk the cows. This is the special mercy of Lord Chaitanya and the guru-parampara.

Sri harinama sankirtana, ki jaya!

Your servant,
Sri Harinam Mandir, Lithuania

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