A construction worker is inspired by Prabhupada’s books

Gopal Champu prabhu recalls:

Super sweet guy named Zam from Brooklyn.

He ran into the Harinam about a year ago and took some books from us. Since then he’s been reading Prabhupada’s books and chanting “Hare Krishna” daily. He put a Jagannath sticker that we had given him on his work helmet for good luck and it’s been there for a year now! He’s working construction in the area where we’ve been distributing books for the past week and he’s been seeing us regularly. I’ve been talking to him and planting the seed for him to get a Mahat tattva. He was telling me that he wants to get serious about spiritual life and now that his daughter turned 21 years old he has more time to himself because she’s less dependent on him and his wife. He’s up to chanting 6 rounds of japa daily and he wants to increase it and become more focused on his Krishna consciousness. He got all the enthusiasm to take up the chanting on his own just from reading Srila Prabhupada’s books, it’s amazing!

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