A complete sankirtana-yajna


ISKCON Perth has a harinama party that has been going out every year in the city center for many years. Recently, being inspired by a senior devotee and a dedicated book distributor, I joined the harinama party for book distribution, something I had not done before.

Although I had heard and read about it several times, I never personally experienced publically chanting the holy names. While shy in the beginning, I gradually started to feel comfortable being the center of attention in the city’s busiest streets, filled with suit-and-boot wearing office go-ers.

I started presenting Srila Prabhupada’s books to curious on-lookers and realized very quickly how wonderful the effect of the holy names is. I observed how attractive the holy names are even to those just casually walking by, and the result is two-fold. First, they appreciate it when you approach them with books, as it gives them a chance to inquire about the music and learn more about the process. Second, it is much easier to get donations for the books, as the holy names, even if momentarily, penetrate their hearts.

My revered senior, who had encouraged me to join the harinama party, Remarked, “With the book distribution going on, along with public harinama, now the sankirtana-yajna is complete.”

My humble request to all fellow book distributors is to please join your local harinama parties to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books. It’s a powerful and easy way to distribute more books. And to those harinama parties that may be going out without any accompanying book distributors, please try to add them. Give people the complete package.

Srila Prabhupada’s sankirtan-yajna, ki jaya!

Your Aspiring Servant,
Bhaktin Soumya

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