A blissful exchange

Perfection of Yoga

As I was chanting my rounds in the metro, somewhat disheartened because I wasn't able to preach to anyone (they were all into phones & magazines), a man around 40, wearing fashionable cloths – yet quite worn out and dirty after a more careful look – entered the train with many bags in his hands.

I concluded that he was yet another homeless (there are more and more of them lately) and perceived his sad, bitter smile. He came by me and said something I didn't hear, so I faintly smiled back.

"Oh, don't worry, I may be homeless, but I am not yet to the point to make some speech and beg. No, not yet".

He smiled again with that bitter face and stopped talking. I looked very carefully at him, and I heard in my heart: "Yes, this is the man you are looking for. This man is calling for it. Give him that knowledge. Give him that solace he is looking for."

I was so happy that a huge smile appeared on my face. I approached him.

Me: Excuse me, may I ask you if you like reading?

Man: Well, sometimes; depends on my mood and my situation.

Me (taking out a Perfection of Yoga in French): I would like to suggest you read this.

Man (taking the book, starting to smile a bit): Let me see.

And that was it, during the few stations I had left on my way home, I was able to preach him. After each sentence that I said, the man would add more and more joyously "Yes! Yes that's exactly what I was looking for!"

His happiness was somewhat contagious. He would say "I don't believe in chance, this is happening because of a very precise and good reason."

He thanked me many times and would not stop smiling and laughing joyfully.

"I believe you because of what I see in your face, and I believe that this book is extremely important. I am sure this will change my life, I will read it attentively".

After leaving him, I thought, "Yes, my Lord, You are indeed reaching out to those who are looking for You."

So I guess that the lesson for me was that even though there are so many persons who are far from Krishna and will systematically refuse to hear about any spiritual subject matter, I should still continue my efforts, because out there, someone is still waiting for Krishna's mercy.

Hare Krishna.
Atmarama Dasa

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